[MT4]Best sellers EA et indicateurs techniques de trading en vente sur MLQ5.com


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Voici une sélection des best sellers Expert Advisors (robots de trading) et Indicateurs techniques pour la plateforme de trading mt4, que j'ai reçu par email ce matin de la part de MQL5.com :

Advanced Scalper

Un robot de trading (Expert Advisor) basé sur les breakouts des plus hauts et plus bas, timeframe H1 ou H4. Extrait de la présentation sur MQL5.com :

"[...]The EA can be used in 2 ways (at the moment):
  • Fully automatic trading, using a High/Low breakout system for entry calculations. This mode can be run on any timeframe, but for more secure entry points, I recommend using H1 or H4.
  • As a tool for manual trading strategies, where the trader can pick the entry points, or in combination with other EA's for setting the entry points, and the Advanced Scalper EA will use its advanced exit-algorithms to follow up those trades.
In the future, new entry-strategies and/or exit-strategies might be added to the EA, but only if they pass my strict quality control.[...]"

PRIX : 390$

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Entry Points Pro

Un indicateur technique de tendance, fonctionnant sur tous les marchés suivants selon l'auteur : forex, cryptocurrencies, metals, stocks, indices. Extrait :

"[...]Entry signals without repainting or delays

  • If a signal appears and is confirmed (if the signal candle is closed), it does NOT disappear anymore, unlike indicators with redrawing, which lead to major financial losses because they can show a signal and then remove it.

Error-free opening of trades

  • The indicator algorithms allow you to find the ideal moments to enter a deal (buy or sell an asset), which increases the success rate for each and every trader using it.

Entry Points Pro works with any asset

  • It allows you to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, indices, commodities, and currencies with any broker using the MT4 platform.

Provides signals for any direction + trend filter

  • The Entry Points Pro indicator provides signals to enter a trade at any price movement - up, down, or flat (sideways).[...]"
PRIX : 125$

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Robot de trading mt4 (Expert Advisor) spécialement codé pour EURUSD. Il ne fonctionne que sur cette paire. Existe aussi pour mt5. Extrait :

"[...]BigExpert is a fully automatic expert built for the EURUSD currency pair.

BigExpert does not use Martingale and Grid, All Trades are covered by StopLoss and TakeProfit.

BigExpert only works in EURUSD currency pairs.

BigExpert has been tested for more than 11 years in Strategy Tester .

BigExpert trades in most time frames, but the suggested time frames are: M15 ,M30, H1, H4[...]"

PRIX : 320$

=> Buy the 'BigExpert' Trading Robot (Expert Advisor) for MetaTrader 4 in MetaTrader Market

Je n'ai testé aucun de ces robots et indicateurs, mais ceux-ci totalisent plusieurs dizaines d'achats par mois sur le site mlq5.com et leurs notes/reviews sont positives, donc cela plaide en leur faveur. A manier avec précaution comme d'habitude.